300 Squadron
In mobilitate vis nostra

Over the years, the Cougar is repeatedly used during missions. the Cougar took part in 2001 and 2002 to the Stabilisation Force (SFOR) in Bosnia. In 2004, the Cougar took Iraq to the tasks of the Chinook detachment about. The Cougars transported personnel and equipment and were 24-hour standby for medical evacuation of Dutch soldiers. In addition, a Cougar helped during the first free elections in Iraq with the transportation of the ballots.

During NATO's ISAF operation in Afghanistan to support the Cougars from April 2006 until mid-2010, the Dutch Task Force Uruzgan.

Cougars are used as board helicopter during several anti-piracy mission off the Somali coast (2012 and 2013). From naval vessels as the Hr. Ms Rotterdam they argued among other recognition flights and transports them boarding teams of Marines and they even brought suspicious ships to stop. Until August 2015, the device is also used to transport patients from the islands.