300 Squadron
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The artists performing on the Liberation Day festivals throughout the country leave on May 5 with helicopters from Gilze-Rijen. This year the Ambassadors Sharon Kovacs, Nielson and Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano step into the helicopters of the Defence Helicopter Command. For air transport between the various liberation festivals in the country three helicopters are scheduled. These are two Cougar transport helicopters and one NH90 maritime helicopter.

The performers from last
year at Gilze-Rijen: Jett Rebel,
Caro Emerald, Dotan and Main Street.


The artists leave between 10:15 and 11:15 in the morning to take care of as many appearances in places as much as possible throughout the day. This year the helicopters fly for the festivals in Assen, Groningen, Den Bosch, Roermond, Zwolle, Haarlem, Almere, Utrecht, Leeuwarden, The Hague, Wageningen, Rotterdam and Vlissingen.

The Royal Netherlands Air Force contributes to the Liberation Festivals with these flights. The Cougars lands at Gilze-Rijen air base around 23:00. The NH90 returns to its home base, Naval Airfield De Kooy in Den Helder. More information on www.bevrijdingsfestivals.nl